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10100 East 8 Mile Road • Detroit, MI 48234
Detroit's Neighborhood Theater
Movie Hotline: 313.438.3494
Located behind the Bel Air Center Plaza


Imagine the power of your message projected onto a giant wall-to-wall screen in brilliant color. Now, imagine thousands of moviegoers noticing your message as they wait for their movie to begin.

Unlike other media, on-screen advertising gives you a unique opportunity to reach thousands of moviegoers without distraction.  Your message plays larger than life on the silver screen; towering before moviegoers.

No other medium delivers this kind of impact and retention!

Bel Air 10 has partnered with Screenvision for its on-screen advertising.
Contact Screenvision at
800-724-6684 or 630-666-1033

Screenvision is the world's leading cinema advertising company, providing premium marketing and media solutions for advertisers and comprehensive representation of the cinema advertising interests of its theatrical exhibitor partners.


"...movie screen advertising is a growing industry. This novel medium allows an advertiser to target a specific geographic area with frequent repetition and minimal effort."

~ The Business Journal



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